Ram Puniyani
Prof. Dr. Ram Puniyani

Ram Puniyani  is a former professor of biomedical engineering and former senior medical officer affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He began his medical career in 1973 and served IIT in various capacities for 27 years, beginning 1977. In December 2004, he took voluntary retirement to work full-time for communal harmony in India. He is involved with human rights activities, communal harmony and initiatives to oppose the rising tide of fundamentalism in India. He is associated with the organisations All-India Secular Forum, Center for Study of Society and Secularism and Act Now for Harmony and Democracy.

Ram Puniyani has been spreading the message of peace and amity through lectures, publications, workshops and meetings and by travelling extensively to different parts of the country disseminating messages of secularism, pluralism and communal harmony. His lectures focus on the need for national integration and communal harmony. He is associated with various secular initiatives and has been part of various investigation reports on violation of human rights of minorities.  Has been part of an Indian People’s Tribunal that investigated the violation of rights of minorities in Orissa and Madhya Pradesh,  He is known for his articles and essays which regularly appears in Indian magazines and newspapers.  He also runs a fortnightly e-bulletin ‘Issues in secular politics’.

He regularly conducts seminars and workshops on themes like, threat of communal politics to democratic society, human rights, values of freedom movement and values of Secularism, conversions, uniform civil code debate, partition tragedy, Kashmir Imbroglio, tasks for secular movement. Have been addressing College students and teachers on these themes regularly. He regularly publishes articles and essays in magazines and newspapers. Running a fortnightly e bulletin ‘Issues in secular politics’. His articles being translated in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages.


  1. 2002: – Maharashtra Foundation (US) Award for Social Awareness About Threat of Communal Politics
  2. 2004: – Association For Communal Harmony in Asia-ACHA Award for Peace and Communal Harmony
  3. 2005: – Fr. Machio Memorial Foundation Humanitarian Award
  4. 2006- Indira  Gandhi National Integration Award
  5. 2007- National Communal Harmony Award
  6.   2015- Mukundan Menon Award for Human Rights, 2015